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I remember bursting into tears during my first pregnancy.

I was trying to put together my baby shower gift registry and I was SO overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF! How on EARTH was I supposed to know what I actually needed, and then there were SO many options, SO many styles, SO many brands. Thankfully my bestie who was already a mum took over and created my list for me.

Now, as a mum of two, I can honestly say there are some things new parents ABSOLUTELY need – like the big ticket items such as a pram, cot and car seat or items such as a thermometer, vaporiser, baby carrier and change table which definitely come in really handy. However, those items aside, there are things that while maybe not essentials, will just make life a hell of a lot easier, or are just really cool and unique gift ideas that will stand the test of time. Because trust me, there’s only so many wraps, blankets and onsies a mum needs.

So here’s my list of baby shower gift ideas, from a mum for mums.

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