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I remember bursting into tears during my first pregnancy.

I was trying to put together my baby shower gift registry and I was SO overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF! How on EARTH was I supposed to know what I actually needed, and then there were SO many options, SO many styles, SO many brands. Thankfully my bestie who was already a mum took over and created my list for me.

Now, as a mum of two, I can honestly say there are some things new parents ABSOLUTELY need – like the big ticket items such as a pram, cot and car seat or items such as a thermometer, vaporiser, baby carrier and change table which definitely come in really handy. However, those items aside, there are things that while maybe not essentials, will just make life a hell of a lot easier, or are just really cool and unique gift ideas that will stand the test of time. Because trust me, there’s only so many wraps, blankets and onsies a mum needs.

So here’s my list of baby shower gift ideas, from a mum for mums.

The Absolute Essentials

Cot, pram and car seat – ok these are a given, however I strongly recommend that these are researched before buying one as a gift. The pram especially is a personal choice and I think it is beneficial for the parents-to-be to have a go at pushing it around, folding it up and making sure it fits in the car boot! It’s also worth having a go at folding or unfolding it with one hand (super handy for when bubs is under one arm and you’re wrangling a pram). Same goes with the car seat, if more kids are on the horizon taking into consideration how wide the seat is now is very important and one best made before you outlay the cost!

Gifts for Mum

Quite often baby showers are all about the baby (and rightly so!). So whilst they are a great opportunity for the expecting parents to get some help on collecting everything they may need to prepare for bub’s arrival, trust me when I say that any gift you can give for the expecting mum is going to be well received.

Selfcare items

After baby, time for selfcare is going to be limited. A hamper of a few quick-to-use essentials; indulgent body wash, dry shampoo, nipple cream, herbal tea and an eye cream to hide the tiredness are going to be a lifesaver in the early days.

A voucher for a family portrait

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed when a new baby comes along, it is that baby is going to feature in a LOT of photos. So a gift voucher where the photos can be turned into an artwork instead of being confined to the phone archives is a beautiful unique gift idea. The team at Art N Kookies are fantastic at turning photos into beautiful artwork and they are experts at combining photos together (i.e. with dearly departed grandparents) to create a special moment that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Ps. They’re really affordable too!

Calm birthing class voucher

If mum-to-be is feeling anxious or worried about going into labour (and let’s face it – for many of us it’s quite a daunting thought), midwife Charlotte from Benefiting Birth and Beyond runs online hypnobirthing and calm birthing sessions as well as postnatal educational classes. A voucher to attend one of her online sessions may offer the reassurance needed. Use this discount code for 10% off most online programs and products G67PAXVE

Snacks & Drinks

Breastfeeding makes you hungry! And if there’s one thing you want close by when you’re feeding the baby it is snacks. One handed snacks.

Even if mum chooses not to breastfeed, she’s still going to need something to keep her energy up for the long days and nights and these snack boxes home delivered from GoodnessMe are the perfect gift.

While we’re on the topic of eating, it has probably been a loooong time between drinks for the expectant mum, so if she’s normally partial to a drink of two, these non-alcoholic options from SansDrinks are the perfect booze free option to satisfy her cravings.

Practical Gifts

Looking for baby shower gift ideas that are practical and that you know will be appreciated?


Anyone who has ever dealt with a sick child knows that cleaning up spew is the absolute worst! Enter the Spewy – with it’s unique microfibre covering and waterproof backing it’s the perfect gift for all parents. Useful in the early days for protecting against reflux and for use as a change mat; then during childhood it can be used for protecting against vomiting and car sickness – it is truly the gift that will keep on giving (and protecting!). Grab 10% off all Spewy products, including the bed mat with code TRIBE

Handmade pram and trolley liners

Brighten up any pram, or protect baby from germy shopping trolleys with gorgeous handmade pram and trolley liners from BadDad Designs. Choose your own design or select from the range of ready made products. These liners have all been mum tested and are the perfect bespoke gift idea!

A voucher for The Baby Comforter ‘sleep consultant’

Sleep depravation is torture and while I’m sure they exist, I’m yet to come across any mum that hasn’t struggled with getting her baby to sleep at some point. Chances are that a time will come when she is going to wish she had someone to give a few tips and advice on how to instil positive sleeping habits into her baby. Phoebe from The Baby Comforter uses a gentle approach and offers consultations Australia wide.

Home delivered meals

Perhaps the best gift you can give a new mum is a freezer full of healthy nutritious food. Take away the stress of having to shop and cook by gifting a voucher from Chef Good. They deliver Australia wide with loads of options to choose from.

Eco Conscious Gifts

There’s one thing lots of mums realise pretty quickly after having a baby – it can be easy to go through a LOT of stuff and the impact on the environment can be huge. Fortunately there are some companies who are doing their best to provide sustainable alternatives and the following baby shower gift ideas are a fantastic option for the eco-friendly mamas.

Cloth Nappies

Gone are the days of fiddling with safety pins and terry towelling nappies, these days modern cloth nappies are much more compact and user friendly. With so many brands and styles on offer, a gift voucher or subscription from Cloth Tots is the perfect option for parents keen to explore the world of cloth. With their affordable rental system, parents are able to trial multiple brands and styles and the team will virtually provide support every step of the way.

Here’s a real life review of the experience from Cloth Tots. Or, if you’d prefer to jump straight in and purchase some nappies, they also sell them too.

Sustainable Baby Clothing

Babies grow fast. Fact. In the first year of it’s life a baby will potentially go through four complete wardrobe changes. That’s a lot of clothing and expense for something that may only get a few wears. A subscription from Conscious Kola is ideal for the first few months. Operating on a circular rental system, the new baby will receive a gorgeous bundle of organic, ethically made clothing. Once they have outgrown them, the clothes are simply bundled up and returned and a new larger pack is posted out. With no lock in contracts this is the perfect gift for both bub and for the parents.

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What’s the best baby shower gift you’ve received?